Step 1


Preparing for prayer includes cleaning yourself, wearing clean clothes, and finding a clean and pure place to pray.

Step 2

Intention & Takbir


Make the intention to pray however you do not need to say it out loud, but you need to know which prayer of the day you are performing, what will be the type of the rakaat, and the number of rakaats. As an example “I will perform 2 or 4 rakaat farz/sunnah/nafil of the fajr/zuhr/asr/maghrib/isha/ prayer”. Intend that you are praying to Allah Almighty and only for His sake. Focus on the nature of the prayer you are making. The clearer you are in your intention, the better your attention and concentration will be.

Opening Takbir

Perform the Takbir. This starts the prayer. Meanwhile raise your hands, palms facing forwards, up till your ear lobes (or to your shoulders if you are a woman), and say Alla-hu Akbar (God is The Greatest).

Step 3

Standing Upright

Perform Qiyam. Qiyam is where you stand up and remain alone with Allah, the most beneficient the most merciful.

Step 4



Perform Ruk’u. The ruku is basically a bow. You unfold your hands and bow, then placing your hands on your knees. In this bowing posture men’s back is horizontal while women suppose to bend their back only far enough to touch their knees. Looking from far it will look like a bow arc. They won’t flatten their back. Say Alla-hu Akbar as you perform this step. When you are in ruku, recite Sub-hana Rabbi-al ‘adheem thrice.

Rise Up

Rise from the bow, while reciting Sami ‘allah hu liman hamida. Rab-bana lakal hamd.

Step 5



Perform Prostration(Sajdah). Say Alla-hu Akbar and prostrate, placing your forehead, palms, and knees on the ground. The bases of both feet’s fingers need to touch the ground. In Sajdah, men’s back portion is raised from ground and hands apart from body and fingers of feet twisted while women suppose to be gathered in a way so that all their body parts are close together and abdomen placed over her thighs.Both feet and ankles sticking out to the right. Lower portion of back touching the ground. A woman’s elbows may touch the ground, but men must keep their elbows raised above the ground. Recite Sub-hana Rabbi yal a’lathrice.

Sit Up

Rise to a sitting position, saying Alla-hu Akbar. When you are in this position, however keep your eyes on the floor or on your lap. Men turn up the heel, and bend the toes, of the right foot. Women keep both their feet, soles up, under their body. However these suggestions are not a “must”, so you can place your feet however you’re capable or comfortable.


Prostrate again, saying Alla-hu Akbar. Likewise, the second prostration is identical to the first one. Say Sub-hana Rabbi yal a’la three times.

Stand Up

Rise up to proceed to the next Rakat, saying Alla-hu Akbar

Step 6